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I am Mrs Rich, usually called Stephanie. Writing an 'about' page about oneself is pretty hard,but some people say that its common practice to do this. So I'll try my best with this one...

Well, as I already said, I am Stephanie, a wannabe-blonde from the alps of northern Italy, South Tyrol to be precise. ( ... & of course because we're proud of it !) I love my hometown, my boy /man ( depends !! ) & fashion, also if there's always a questionmark between my & your, and his & her fashion. Years ago I studied fashion design in Milan which brought me ... back to the roots... back to daddy !

And after lending out a gowning suit and selling a postmark to seniors I sit in my appartment and I try to do something else. In my case "something else" means selling t-shirts, as Billions of other people also try to do.  All the Richcorner Shirts are made with lots of love and are so comfy you'd swear
it was a second skin !
It took a while to get the shirts ready, but sometimes it takes a bit longer... who knows why. And here we are now with 2, no 4, no 2 different shirts, both caracterized by the handwriting style, little skulls & flowers and lots of watercolor.

The shirts are both, easy-going & casual and they are made for a self-confident, humorous women which likes little details and playful things.



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The shirts are called "drink" and Rockstar, both available in S, M, L and in two different fits:

There is the regular fit destroyed shirt, with a grided collar, sleeves and bottom hem for a uniquely tough, worn-in look.

And there exists the A-Line V-neck Shirt in organic cotton. Finished with a low-impact wash and so the result is a material so soft you'd swear it was a second skin !

Both, shirts & colours have a certain vintage touch but are made for today's women ! All the shirts come with a wool dick ( don't worry, you can remove it ) :) And since we go with the "fashion" some of the dicks are also pierced now :)

Is that enough for an 'about' page ? I guesss Yess !
And if not, just contact me & I'd be delighted to answer your questions Rockstar, between a drink... or maybe two.

Mrs Rich !










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